Do Away with Your Products – Invest in a Laser Procedure Instead

Dr. Sherrif IbrahimDr. Sherrif Ibrahim

Consider what you have spent on cosmetic products over the past several years. Some products you like, others sit in the back of the medicine cabinet for years – all with the promise of making your skin appear more youthful.  

The truth of the matter is that there is no product or combination of products that can impact your skin as greatly as a single laser procedure. No cosmetic product can remove brown spots, broken blood vessels, address acne scars, wrinkles, pore size and more. And lasers don’t have a single ingredient that is placed on the skin.  

If you think about the typical product, it contains 15-50 different chemicals – and, the average person uses 9-15 products. That’s potentially over 500 different chemicals absorbed through facial skin each day. On the contrary, lasers are simply light energy shined on the skin to create different effects.  

If you took the money you spent on products that purport to work their magic but never deliver and invested in a single resurfacing treatment, your skin would truly be radiant without applying a single chemical or throwing away one single empty plastic bottle into the garbage. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use products.  The foundation of any skin care regimen should include daily sunscreen use, gentle cleansing, moisturizer and a topical retinoid.  However, these products are great to prevent damage and keep the skin healthy but are not capable of reversing existing damage or rejuvenating the skin.  For changes that bring the natural, healthy glow back to tired or damaged skin, laser treatments are the safest and most effective option.  

The physicians at Rochester Dermatologic Surgery are experts in the interaction between lasers and the skin.  They have completed a rigorous fellowship in laser techniques after dermatology residency. We are able to address small issues such as sunspots or broken blood vessels in the skin as well as full face procedures to revitalize skin that has a tired or damaged appearance. 

The latter falls under the category of laser resurfacing and can be performed in a variety of approaches.  The best way to determine if laser procedures are right for you is with a consultation with a Board Certified Dermatologist and Laser Specialist at RDS.  

We will be happy to discuss options such as expected outcomes, downtime, after care and cost and answer any questions you may have.