Dr. Ibrahim’s Gene Expression Research for Skin Cancer in Practical Dermatology

Dr. Sherrif IbrahimDr. Sherrif Ibrahim

In this recent article, Practical Dermatology highlights Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim’s research on gene expression profiling of the second most common skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).

“We worry about squamous cell carcinoma because occasionally it can misbehave and travel to other areas of the body like the lymph nodes in the neck, and then it can become life-threatening,” Dr. Ibrahim says. “We are working on methods to be able to predict which skin cancers have the highest likelihood of spreading so we can get these patients the most appropriate treatment as early as possible.”

The study was performed in conjunction with Castle Biosciences and looks at the genes expressed in individual cancer to determine a patient’s risk. Dr. Ibrahim feels that “this is the future of skin cancer research and a very exciting time in the field.”

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