More than 500 Free Screenings in the Books!

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Destination Healthy Skin September Update

Our Destination Healthy Skin program has passed its halfway point, with more than 500 free skin cancer screenings in the books!

This program is literally designed to save lives. From August 1 to October 2, our volunteer dermatologists identified more than 103 potential skin cancers and precancers, including 7 suspected melanomas. The dermatologists also found 62 atypical moles, a melanoma risk factor. Participants with atypical moles were cautioned to keep a close eye on their skin.

What People Are Saying

At every stop we’ve made, people have told us how grateful they are to get screened, learn more about skin cancer prevention, and receive free skin care and sun protection products.

Some participants explained that they’d never had a skin exam, but always meant to. Others said they planned to make a dermatologist appointment but did not yet get to it. For them, our program was a quick and convenient way to get their skin examined by a professional. One participant told us she’d just moved from the east coast and has not had an opportunity to find a dermatologist. Another mentioned that she bumped into a neighbor, who had just been treated for skin cancer. When she heard about us on the local news the next morning, she made her way over to our RV for a free exam.

Here are some more comments from our west coast participants:

“It is great to have a screening that is free. Healthcare is expensive and skin exams are not covered by my insurance.”

This gives me peace of mind. I never have been screened but spend a lot of time outdoors and I sure don’t want skin cancer.”

“I appreciate this screening — we have plenty of skin cancer in my family and this is an important service.”

September Highlights

We had two very busy stops in Utah. The second stop, on September 17 at the scenic Sundance Resort, was jam-packed with participants. A group of cosmetology students from Taylor Andrews Academy came out to help our busy program managers, who were happy for the assistance. In return, the students all got free skin cancer screenings.

During the event, an expectant mom came to the RV with concerns about spots on her skin. At her screening, one of the spots was identified as a suspected melanoma, and she was instructed to get a follow up biopsy as soon as possible. About one-third of all melanomas in women are diagnosed during their childbearing years. Read more about melanoma during pregnancy.

A Record-Breaking Day

At Sundance, one of our volunteer dermatologists, Karen R. Stolman, MD, screened a total of 50 people, the highest number of skin exams by a single dermatologist in one day so far this year. Between Dr. Stolman and our other volunteer, Jesse D. Jensen, MD, 76 people received free screenings on September 17. A total of 12 skin cancers and precancers were identified, including 2 melanomas.

Our Superstar Volunteer

Special thanks to Dr. Stolman, our star volunteer dermatologist! During our Utah event, Dr. Stolman learned that we were short on volunteers for our next stop in Boise, Idaho. The doctor kindly offered to come out to Idaho to provide free screenings. Right after the event, she flew back home to Utah. We are fortunate that Dr. Stolman is also licensed to practice dermatology in Idaho and that she volunteered more time, on short notice, to perform this important public service. Thanks to her, 35 people received free skin cancer screenings on September 21.

The event, held in Ann Morrison Park, was attended by a diverse population, including some people who heard about us on the local news and had specific skin concerns, as well as people who were out walking or biking in the park.

All Because of You

Every mile we travel makes a difference in the fight against skin cancer. We couldn’t do it without you. Your gift keeps this lifesaving program going strong in 2021 and beyond. Thank you for your support.

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Onward in October

In early October, we made three stops in California before heading back east, stopping at points along our way to Florida where we will close out the month on Halloween weekend. Check our schedule for all the details.

We’ve put together a collection of images to give you a sense of some of the places we’ve been and the amazing people we’ve met along the way!

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