Get Red-Carpet-Ready Skin with Dr. Ibrahim & Moxi

Dr. Sherrif IbrahimDr. Sherrif Ibrahim

In this recent article, New You highlights how Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim is leading the way with Moxi, a laser treatment that promises red-carpet-worthy skin with just one session.

Using Moxi, you can rejuvenate your skin by creating micro-injuries that target pigments in the top layers, resulting in an even tone and fewer brown spots. There is little downtime and no discomfort, and the procedure is more cost-effective than many other laser treatments. Combing Moxi with BBL HERO (another type of laser) compounds the results.

Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim uses Moxi and many other advanced techniques and technologies to treat his patients at Rochester Dermatologic Surgery. At the 2021 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Show, he won the Maverick Award for studying Moxi and BBL HERO treatments. He has published several peer-reviewed papers and articles, further demonstrating his expertise and knowledge in the field.